Own legendary stories written through the eyes of Maiar Spirits on the Elrond blockchain

Maiar Spirits are hand-drawn Artvatars inspired by amazing works of fiction and generated in the form of NFTs. Discover the Elves, Knights, Moon Goddesses, Demons, Sun Goddesses, Vampires, Moon Hunters and Wizards who wonder the Realms, each with their own unique story to tell. Are you ready to discover yours?
How many Maiar Spirits are there?
Maiar Spirits is a collection of 10.000 NFTs that will be minted on the Elrond blockchain. Join us in celebrating one of the greatest fantasy stories of all time and be ready for mint on the 16th of April 2022.
Where can I buy Maiar Spirits and how much do they cost?
The minting will take place here on XOXNO. You can easily find the collection listed in the Premium Category at the Price of 0.8 EGLD. This will give you the opportunity to own a unique Maiar Spirit and even find some of the extremely rare Spirits in the collection.
How can I buy Maiar Spirits after minting is completed?
After minting is completed, people who didn't manage to get their own Maiar Spirit will be able to Buy, Sell and Trade Maiar Spirits NFTs on an existing marketplace. We recommend using XOXNO as it is the most reliable marketplace on Elrond.
What benefits do I have as a Maiar Spirits holder?
You will own unique High-Resolution digital paintings that you can use in any way you want. You will be able to take part in PvP Battles, you will get Airdrops, Royalties and More. Check out the Roadmap for a Full List of Perks & Benefits.
100% of Royalties will be reshared to holders?
You heard that right. In Q3 2022, on every Monday, the Top 7 Daily Traders of the previous week will be Rewarded with 100% of that respective week's Royalties via smart contract. This will encourage trading and create added value for all holders.
What is Maiar Spirits PvP Battle?
Two Maiar Spirits holders will clash in a blockchain PvP Battle of Chance, where the Winner takes all. It's a High Risk, High Reward experience where you fight against other holders to claim their Maiar Spirit NFT via a combination of factors such as Rarity, Skill and Luck.
What is the Maiar Spirits Lounge?
The Maiar Spirits Lounge is a cool, exclusive club only for Maiar Spirits holders where you can meet like-minded individuals and just have a great time. There are many options for the Location, so we'll make sure to pick the right one. Easy to Travel to and Easy to Find.
Do I really get Free drinks and Unlimited play time?
That's true. The Maiar Spirits Lounge will be a fantasy representation of the Maiar Spirits World where holders will be able to enjoy Free Drinks and Board Games. You also get a cool Maiar Spirits deck of cards on your first arrival.
Will The One Golden Ring actually Rule them all?
We think so. But it is up to the Winner to decide how they will use that Power. The One Golden Ring will be an exact copy of Sauron's Ring, made out of 24K Gold. We're pretty sure it will look amazing on Instagram.
Maiar Spirits walk between the Realms of fiction and blockchain, tethering Art and Storytelling to a Smart Contract. They will tell their incredible stories exclusively on the Elrond Blockchain, with the help of a few reliable narrators. Those who are eager to unveil their first Maiar Spirit may pay XOXNO a visit.

Built on Elrond


Trust Staking


Arc Stake

Maiar Spirits have embarked on a great journey to connect their mystical Realms to the Real World. Follow along and explore each intricate Chapter of the World of Maiar Spirits and what it has to offer. Win Epic Battles and be rewarded with Boundless Treasures. And who knows? You might even be worthy of The One Golden Ring.
imageQ2 2022
imageProject Launch & Public Sale
imageCommunity growth
imageGuaranteed buy back of Elon Musk for 50 EGLD
imageGuaranteed buy back of Elrond Team Members and Partners for 10 EGLD each
imageQ3 2022
image100% of Royalties will be reshared to Community Members on a weekly basis
imageExpanding social channels
imageForging alliances with powerful projects on the Elrond blockchain
imageFirst Snapshot for the upcoming Airdrop only for Maiar Spirits holders
imageQ4 2022
imageMassive Token Airdrop to all Maiar Spirits holders
imageCollab with brands to create Maiar Spirits products
imageScouting for the perfect location of the Maiar Spirits Lounge
imageQ1 2023
imageWhitelist for partner projects
imageAirdrops and other Perks to all Maiar Spirits holders
imageStake your Maiar Spirits NFT in a PvP Battle with other holders and claim their NFTs
imageLaunch of the Maiar Spirits Merchandise Store
imageQ2 2023
imageOpening of the Maiar Spirits Lounge in a physical location
imageCoffee, Drinks and Board Games on the house for holders
imageEvery Maiar Spirits holder can claim a full set of Maiar Spirits Card Deck
imageThe One Golden Ring will be won by one lucky Maiar Spirits holder
Trust Market will act as the Gateway between the Maiar Spirits Realm and the Elrond blockchain. A smart contract will ensure fair distribution of all Maiar Spirits NFTs and equal chances for you to mint and maybe even find something Really Rare. The Lucky holders who will uncover the Rarest Spirits will have the option to get back a lot of EGLD. See Q2 of the Roadmap.
LaunchApril 16th 2022
Public SaleStarts at - 06:00 PM GMT+2
Flat Price0.8 EGLD
Fair Distributionvia Smart Contract
Any Story worth reading has at least a few Heroes who are willing to rise to the challenge, endure the hardships of an arduous journey, who never back down from a fight even when everything seems dire and their chances of winning are slim. We are not those heroes, but we do work here. And we'll do our best to tell their tales. So stay awhile and listen.
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